Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inviting trouble- baby shower invitations.

I broke one of my cardinal rules when doing invitations- Never, ever come up with ideas before you know how many invitations you need to make.

I've been thinking about the invitations for my sister's baby shower for a while now. I wanted something to go with the location (a carousel) and something unique. I've just been letting ideas roll around in my head- not really happy enough with anything to mock it up (besides I didn't have a list of invitees yet- so no rush, right?). Two nights ago I hit on something that I really liked. I mocked it up and... I was sure I had it- it was perfect- I loved it!

Then I found out how many invitations I need to make...

(Which is almost twice the amount I was thinking it would be when I came up with the idea.)

Even though it's a very rough idea, I thought I'd share it at this stage and see if publicly declaring my intention of doing thirty paper cuts into invitations sound crazy enough for me to let go of it. This actually breaks another rule- I don't like showing an unfinished mock-up of an invitation. I like the whole idea to come together first.

It took me an hour to cut out every small curved line with an x-acto knife. It's the first paper cut I've ever done so I know I'd get faster once I had a few under my belt. And it needs a few adjustments- the legs aren't right yet.

But I really like the idea, and I can't let go of it.

Am I crazy?


  1. I have the exact same problem! When you get something stuck in your head, especially if it's a concept you really love, good luck abandoning it! How long do you think it will take you to make each invite? Maybe if you do the math and calculate it out you will have a better idea of if it's feasible or not... :) They look lovely!

  2. Well... I figure when it's all said an done, envelopes stamped and sent it's probably going to take about 45 hours for everything (if it really does take me an hour just to cut the horse for each card. Which means it will likely really be more like 50 hours total since these things ever go as planned. That means I need to spend about 4 hours a night making them everyday starting pretty much now. : )

    Doing the math does solidify how impossibly crazy it is... yet I still can't let it go...

  3. I'm laughing as I ask this question... but do you trust anyone to help you? I laugh because I'm HORRIBLE at letting people help me! I figure if I do it all, it will get done the way I want it to! :)


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