Monday, August 3, 2009

Garden update- letdown

The garden is growing... sort of. All the rain we've had has actually been too much for the garden, funny thing- they actually need sun too!
I was so excited to have these green tomatoes on the vine in early June (which is pretty early for my area)- but they have been green ever since... seriously these are the same tomatoes!

We had a small break in the rain a little while back and a few things started to grow. One eggplant and a few bell peppers.

The plants are huge but sadly they aren't really producing much- The weeds are doing wonderfully though. The upside is at least some of them are pretty!

So the inventory goes as follows:

We've pulled exactly one zucchini, a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes and lots of lettuces and herbs.

We have a tone of green tomatoes, 3-4 bell peppers, and an eggplant not yet ready to harvest.

The watermelon plants... lets not speak of those. The pumpkin is huge and has had flowers but I wasn't able to successfully pollinate any of them. There aren't any little pumpkins on the vine so sadly today I came to the conclusion that it's unlikely I'll have any home grown jack-o-lanterns this year.

P.S. I've just posted on my new Halloween blog Mega•Spooky about jack-o-lanterns, maybe it was the realization that I won't have any home grown pumpkins that made me start thinking about pumpkins in general. Or maybe it's been the complete lack of summer that's made me skip right to fall this year!

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