Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Blankets and Graduations Pops

I started the first official project for my nephew... that's right my sister is having a boy! My sister doesn't want the typical all blue boy stuff so she's going for a lot of greens, reds and browns.

My idea for the blanket came from seeing an adorable baby dressed in a striped onesie over 4th of July. I selected two shades of green, one sort of acidic color for the lighter and a leafy green for the darker.

When I started I was prepared for a simple garter stitch blanket with some color changes (very easy take anywhere, or movie watching knitting). I've made a habit of knitting this while I walk home from work- It takes me exactly one row to get from the office to the house (and has the added bonus of a little stress relief if it's been a "one of those" days).

But then I encountered this...

It's my new skein of yarn in three separate pieces. As I was knitting I noticed another yarn tail got uncovered (weird) and then another (not good!). So I decided I had no choice but to roll the entire thing into a ball and figure out what was going on. When I was done I ended up with these three separate balls of yarn. I've never seen anything like it and can't imagine how it got all rolled up into a skein without anyone noticing this!

I'm think that will be the only excitement in this project... after all it's just a garter stitch rectangle. But I'll show you when I'm done with it.

Tomorrow we're going to a graduation party I decided to make these from bakerella's site. I couldn't find the candy she used for the tassel anywhere so I bought some gum paste to make them. I've never worked with gum paste and I'm a little concerned about that... so I'm going to take one last look around the stores tonight for something else I could use that might be easier. I have my knitting with beads class in a few hours- once I'm back the lollipops are going to be my project for tonight.

(cross your fingers for me!)

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