Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beautiful Little Things

I've passed this lovely little vignette each day on my walk to work and couldn't help but to snap a few pictures.

I love that someone took the time to make this beautiful little scene right at the end of their driveway. It's so inviting- each morning I've wanted to curl up on the bench with the umbrella over my shoulder and wile away the day reading or knitting.

The other day I noticed that the pink flamingo took a day off to hide from the rain- but was glad to see the delicate umbrella made it through the storm.

I don't know why this captured my attention so much- but the umbrella isn't on the bench anymore and I honestly felt a little sad when I walked past and it was gone. I hope it's inside safe from the storms we're continuing to have. Maybe it'll come back out to enjoy the sun and the sounds of birds again before the summer is over.

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