Friday, May 22, 2009

Crafter's Block Day 2

So today was the perfect type of day to kick-off summer. It was sunny and warm, just plain gorgeous. In a nod toward the beautiful weather and the holiday weekend my company closed the offices early today so I left around 3 thinking "yippie- time for crafting".

While walking home from the office I stopped in an acquaintances cute little crafty re-use shop- I left feeling inspired and by her lovely work and ready to be creative myself.

Happily I walked- enjoying the weather- but thinking that is was a little too hot (verging on 90) and that I would be glad to get into the nice cool studio.

When I got home I gave the kitties a pat on the head- grabbed a little lemonade spritzer (which I've just started making and is the perfect juice seltzer combo for such a hot day) and went down to the studio.

Where I...

Stood for a while staring at some old projects.

Decided to clean up the big island (it was amazingly messy for not having had a lot of crafting time lately).

Thought about what I would make for dinner tonight. (Fruitless effort as it turns out since we ate out, but I guess I've now got a jump on dinner for tomorrow).

Did some emailing

Stood and stared at some old "new materials" from my last shopping trip that failed to jump start my creativity

Drank some lemonade

Cleaned a bit more

Gave up and went back upstairs

Hopefully tomorrow goes better- I'm planning to hit the craft store and the yarn store to get some supplies (and whatever else jumps into my cart) for my upcoming classes- intro to spinning and knitting with beads.

I know I should have just make something- anything, but honestly I was drawing a blank. Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch- hopefully tomorrow will bring with it my crafty mojo.

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