Saturday, March 21, 2009

On The Second Day Of Spring.

Happy Spring! If the bulbs coming up in my own garden weren't enough of a sign... 

it's official- yesterday was the first day of spring. And Today, in anticipation of my own flowers coming up, I went to the Spring Bulb Show at The Botanic Garden on the Smith College Campus.

The conservatory the show was in.

Wow, was it gorgeous! And the smell was amazing- I wish I had some way to capture it and share it with you, like the equivalent of a picture but for a scents.

Is this an amazing tulip or what?

These sweet daffodils were very small and all clustered on one stem I think.

These pink ones were my favorite- don't you just love the shape of the petals!

I bet with all this color that it would feel bright even on the grayest days...but the clear blue sky and sun shining through the glass seemed perfect.

Wow is really all you can say about this yellow-orange one.

They also had a little gallery exhibition called TulipMania  it told some of the history surrounding the phenomenal popularity of the tulip in the Netherlands during the 1600's. Did you know- a single bulb of a fancy style flower could have sold for as much as $500,000 (in today's dollars).  I love tulips- but I'm glad they don't cost as much as a really nice house. Because they were so expensive and so sought after- tulips started showing up in arts and crafts. It was actually cheaper to commission a painting of tulips than to buy a bulb. The Tulip also became a motif in items like furniture, needle work, and pottery.

Throughout the show they had these wonderful signs. One at the entrance said they were from Flora's Feast: A Masque Of Flowers Penned and pictured by Walter Crane 1889.

A few more flowers- I really did take a ton of pictures (this isn't the half of it). I think I might make note and greeting cards with some of the shots.


  1. Hi Meg, I saw your comment on my blog, thansk for dropping by. I will send your comliment to my sister, she will be so happy to hear that.
    The flowers in your photos are so beautiful, I like tulips the most. Too sad that we don't have 4 season here in Malaysia and that's no way to grow tulips here.

  2. Craftpassion, Thanks for looking at this post- although you can't grow tulips I'm sure you have other wonderful flowers that we could never grow here because it gets so cold!

  3. Beautiful photos! Spring is coming!!! :)

  4. Hi Joanne,

    I'm so excited for spring I seriously look at my little garden at least twice a day (when I leave for work and come home from work) to see how the flowers are progressing. Ok I admit it- I was looking for them even before they came up I was so desperate for winter to be over! : )


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