Friday, March 13, 2009


This is in no way a crafty post but instead an adoption announcement.

We got a new cat last night! We found him in our local MSPCA, which is sadly closing at the end of March due to budget cuts (which is a horrible situation for the homeless animals in this area, there were many great animals I encourage anyone in my area to go and check them out if you are thinking of adding to your family).

Without further delay, here he is...

So cute, and curious about everything. This little guy is only about a year old but has been in the shelter system for 10 months already. So he's really not used to house objects and noises yet.

We are going to change the name the shelter gave him but haven't decided on a new one yet- any suggestions?

Right now his temporary living quarters are in the bathroom while he gets used to us and the other animals (our cat and dog) get used to him- but he's already got a great personality that is a perfect match to our cat. They are so going to be best friends!

P.S. He told me to tell you all (all 5 of you who probably read this) that this is really not his most photogenic look, he's much cuter but he was off his game being in a new place.


  1. Awwwwwww!

    First off, I'm proud to be one of the five folks that read this. I'm learning that I don't care so much any more how many folks read my blog - it just feels good and productive to share things - project or personal - in posts!

    Secondly, we were at our local animal shelter LAST NIGHT and almost came home with a friend for our dog Bella. A few weekends ago we almost came home with another cat as well. I just feel so awful for all of those poor things in shelters. Good for you for adopting!

    Third, how sad that the shelter is closing. I hope it's a no-kill and that the animals will go elsewhere...

    Fourth, tell him (whatever his new name ends up being) that I think he looks rather refined in his photos -- and I look forward to seeing more of him!


  2. Hi Joanne!

    Aww thanks for the comments! It's always been hard for us to go to the shelter and see all those animals in need too- but once we were seriously ready to come home with a new pet there was only one place to go. We had to adopt and help an animal in need.

    It's really sad that the shelter is closing, thankfully many people have come out to adopt. The animals that are left after March are supposed to be transfered to another MSPCA in the state. (but sadly there is always the possibility that the animals in the system will be euthanized). I'm really concerned about what people will do with animals they no longer want once this shelter is closed. There are limited resources in the area already and this shelter is in a high need area for animal help.

    We are still trying to think of a name for our new guy, and we're working on getting all the kids to get a long. He's really is super cute and I'm looking forward to getting and posting some great picks once he's out of temporary housing in the bathroom.


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