Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Made (and destroyed) with love

So thanks to Martha (and Joanne's post on this) our cat got some handmade love.

She's already slightly obsessed with yarn and steals my needles (hiding them under the couch) so this may have been a bad move on my part...but I couldn't resist these, they were so cute.

The hearts are already tattered and and have a few ripped stitches (but the cat is loving to" hate" them). Next time I think I'll use wool, that way she'll just felt them while she tries to "kill them".


  1. Nice work! By this time next year... when I know how to knit... I'll be making these, too!

  2. You could do this! Where are you getting stuck?

  3. Oh man - I can't get past casting on! Seriously! It's pathetic!


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