Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting to know you

So maybe your thinking- who is this Meg and why is she crafty? 
The answers to these questions will hopefully be why you come back again and again to read this blog. But to start trying to answer this I give you: "a portrait of me in crafting." A sort of year in review only 26 days later. And in a way thats still relevant since after the first week in January the" year in review" thing is over.

Lets start with the crafty thing I did for the camera I got for Christmas. Its own personal knit case. I did it on the fly so the flap doesn't fit over it quite right- but it's close.  If I were going to do it again I would measure the camera instead of doing it by eye. 

I love gingerbread- it's one of my favorite holiday things. 
These are polymer clay tributes for the tree.

I really enjoy making Valentine's Day cards. 
It's something bright and fun to do in the last (and worst) month of a long New England winter.

This is a close up of the inside

I finally scrapbooked a few trips. A birthday weekend in New York and our honeymoon trip to North Carolina. The bottle is 3 dimensional made from the plastic on a package (that I was going to throw away) and a cork cut in half. I put some shells between the plastic and paper.

This is an older project but one I love. 
An interactive mural painted with the kids who participated in an after school program I used to teach in a museum.

Halloween is my favorite holiday! Real (not faux) carved pumpkin (sorry it's blurry). I start to get nuts and begin planning for Halloween in the summer.  My husband tells me it gets earlier every year. 
You'll see.

A few of the wedding invitations I've made. I really have
 a passion for making invitations.

I love snowflakes. I have a Winter birthday, and sort of embrace the snowflake. (Until February then I'm ready for spring!) This first image is our 2008 holiday card. Second image is an ornament I made. First I painted it. Then used a snowflake punch to make white and silver (aluminum foil actually) flakes, which I glued on. A few coats of gloss sealer over the entire thing and a sprinkle of glitter finished it up.

Idea and directions to make this snowflake project are courtesy of Nicole


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