Friday, November 30, 2012

Felt Food: Pancakes Anyone?

My foray into felt food continues with another breakfast classic- pancakes!

I seriously love pancakes. On weekends The Mister makes really good pancakes, and these felt versions have me wishing it was the weekend already.

And you can't have pancakes them without some syrup, right?

A pat of butter too, ok.

Or maybe a few strawberries. Yum! (More on those berries later.)

The pancakes were pretty easy to make: For each cake I used two ivory circles and two light tan circles (cut about a 1/4 inch smaller than the ivory). First I whipstitched the tan circles to the ivory. Then I placed the ivory circles together (with the tan circles facing out) and sandwiched a thin piece of batting between them. The ivory circles get whipstitched together to finish the whole thing. Before you know it you have a nice little stack of pancakes!

Eventually I might try my hand at making my personal favorite- blueberry pancakes. But for now I have a lot of food to make before Christmas (not to mention the fact that the craft store was very low on the two colors required to make pancakes) so I'll have to move on to something else.

Besides, I think these pancakes, and the eggs I made the other day, could both use some bacon to keep them company. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fried Felt Eggs with Sizzle Sound Effect

There's nothing quite like the holidays to get you making things you never imagined you'd be creating.

Like felt food.

I know it's been wildly popular for quite a while, I've just never had a need for it. When you add in my relatively poor sewing skills and general lack of using felt as a crafting material, it's not a likely project for me.

But the kiddo in my life has a new found love for pretend cooking... and Christmas is coming. So this Auntie has turned into a felt foodie.

These fried eggs were my first project. My favorite thing about them is the "sizzle" sound they make when you press on them.

Here's how I made the eggs:

I cut a circle, approximately 1 inch in diameter, out of yellow craft felt. Then cut two matching freeform "egg shaped" pieces out of white felt.

Using yellow thread I whipstitched the yellow circle onto one of the white pieces.

When it was stitched 3/4 of the way around, I added a bit of stuffing between the yellow and white felt to puff up the yolk. Then I stitched the rest of the way around the yolk.

For the sizzle sound effect* I cut two matching pieces from a plastic grocery bag. The pieces were the same general shape as the egg but smaller. I left about a quarter of an inch of the felt will show all way around the edge.

*A note on safety: Obviously if you are putting small pieces of plastic into a toy- it's not a toy that's safe for small children. There is a risk of choking or suffocation anytime a small child comes in contact with plastic bags. So this toy is not suitable for a child who might put this toy (or the plastic inside, if the toy were to break open) into their mouth. It's definitely not for children under 3 (or perhaps even older depending on the child).

I sandwiched the plastic between the two white pieces and sewed the whole thing together by whipstitching around the edge with white thread.

That's all there was to making these yummy looking, sizzly sounding fried eggs.

Now that these are done I'm moving on to another felt food project. My plan is to make a variety of foods before Christmas arrives.
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