Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet of the month- Cookies n' Candy Witch Hats

I'm so excited that October is finally here so I can share this month's Halloween themed treat!

These edible witch hats are unbelievably fast and easy to create (making them perfect for a party) because I used all store bought ingredients. And just like magic, there's more than meets the eye with these little hats, because each one holds a sweet candy surprise.

But the best thing about them is that they are totally customizable. Depending on how you fill and decorate them, they can be anything from a fancy dessert to a party favor, or just a fun family treat.

The basic ingredients are store bought chocolate cookies, Oreo brand ice cream cones, and chocolate chips.

The version I made here also used a Wilton Sugar sheet (the damask pattern), Reese's Pieces (which are not only my favorite candy but perfect Halloween colors), and white chocolate.

I started by drizzling some melted chocolate into each cone and letting it harden. This was simply to help the plain cones taste a bit better (I thought they'd taste like their famous cookie namesakes but sadly they just taste like regular cones). You can skip this step if you want- it doesn't add anything structural to the hat.

Once the chocolate was hard I filled the cones with my candy.

But what you fill the cones with is up to you. Anything will work, a snack mix with candies and pretzels would be great, popcorn, gummy spiders and worms. You name it! If you wanted to get a bit fancy you could fill them with chocolate moose or the cake and frosting blend used to make cake pops. You could even fill them with ice cream, put them in the freezer to harden and assemble them right before serving at the end of a dinner party. YUM. Seriously the possibilities are endless!

Once the cones were filled I melted some chocolate chips to use as glue in assembling my hats. I piped the melted chocolate around the rim of the cone and placed my cookie on top (making sure it was centered).

Once I had the cookie covering the cone I flipped the entire thing over and set in on a flat surface and allowed the chocolate to dry.

Once they chocolate was set I cut my sugar sheet into strips and wrapped each strip around a hat to form a band. The bands were secured by dabbing the overlapping end with a little bit of water. If you didn't want to use a sugar sheet you could do the same thing with fondant or piped frosting.

At this point I liked my hats and they definitely could have been done, but I decided to try and add a few different chocolate decorations. Again decorating these is completely customizable. Changing the look would make them suitable for a variety of Halloween themed events.

First I piped little swirls and lines of melted white chocolate up the side of the cone. Trying to mimic the pattern of my sugar sheet.

Next I piped some curved lines and web shapes onto parchment paper using chocolate and let them set.

Once they were hard I peeled them up and used a little more melted chocolate to attach them to my hats. You could do the same technique with frosting.

Anyway you fill and decorate them, these hats make an adorable quick and easy Halloween treat!

P.S. The companies who's products were used in this post in no way sponsored this project. I received no compensation for this post or to mention their names. (Besides if Nabisco had paid me I doubt they'd be happy that I said I found their cones disappointing since they didn't taste like Oreos... but they were the perfect color for witch hats so I guess it all evened out.)
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