Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Easy Ghost Treat Bags




These are so easy to make it's scary!

All you need is white card stock, commercial sized coffee filters, black permanent marker, and of course treats.

I started by making a template, shaped like the top half of a ghost with a tab in the center, out of card stock. Then used my template to cut others out of white card stock (I did make the arms a bit different on a few ghosts so they each had personality).
I drew a ghosty face with black permanent marker.

Then filled a coffee filter with candy. I gathered up the edges with my ghost in the center and tied it closed with a piece of white ribbon.

Simple. Spooky. Festive. And a perfect package for a few Halloween treats.

(I used commercial sized filters for these, but it would work with any size filter big enough to fit a few treats in.)
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