Friday, May 28, 2010

If you're my husband you still can't read this

My clandestine crafting continues.

I thought I'd be done by now but it's proving really difficult to sneak this craft project in!

I'm having to work in little snippets and it seems like just when I get on a roll is when I have to quickly hide it away again.

I'm also not good at hiding things... especially surprise gifts. I get really excited about giving them and end up spilling the beans early because I can't wait any longer.

The faster I'm done the better chance this has of staying a surprise.

And yes, that's asparagus... The race for farmland was in Hadley, which is the "asparagus capital of a world". I the figured asparagus was a fitting symbol.

Monday, May 24, 2010

If you're my husband don't read this!

I mean it. If you're my husband and you clicked on this despite the title, don't read any further!










I'm putting at least a scroll between



this post.

Ok- that should be enough. I'm working on a scrapping project that was supposed to be for hubbie's birthday. Unfortunately I didn't finish it in time, but I'm going to surprise him with it anyway.

It's a memory box of all the road races he's done in the last year. I'm going to make a two sided board for each of the races and they'll fit into this box from his sneakers. As he does more races I'll add more boards.

I think I might decorate the box too.

And of course I've collected photo's from each race. Here are a few:

Moral support/photography section for a summer race!

The Wicked Half Marathon in Salem MA. This was my husband's 1st half marathon. As if that wasn't amazing enough he also made the trip a little extra special by booking us into a historic hotel I've always wanted to stay in.

A cold rainy race for farmland...

Even being in our spectator/photography section was tough that day.

A big race on what ended up being a snowy December day.
Warm up run in the air conditioning on a freakishly hot St Pat's day.

But it was a beautiful day! And hubbie got a great finish time!

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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