Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cricut Cake

I just impulse purchased the cricut cake online.... and it's setting in that I have made one cake in my entire life and have just bought a pretty expensive cake making accessory.

But one thing- does it count as an impulse buy if when I first saw video of this product from a crafting trade show (and instantly wanted it) I went to the website

And put myself on the mailing list to find out when the product launched

Then read the email I got telling me about product launch

Tried to forget about it until I saw the show about the launch in the cable guide and turned the tv channel on to watch about a half hour of demonstations before running downstairs to buy it

Or does that just count as stalking?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Popsicle Yarn Part 2

I've gotten quite a bit of mom's yarn spun.

I'm totally through the purple/pink parts (you can just see them underneath the fuschia/orange sections I'm in now). It's just a single at the moment but I'll be making into a 2-ply yarn before I'm done.

I wish I new what kind of fiber blend this was (there wasn't any information on it in the felt store- but mom loved the colors so we got it anyway) because it's spinning up beautifully into thin, even strands.

The final yarn might end up being a little thinner weight than I was originally going for but it's almost spinning up this thin naturally. And I don't want to fight a good thing!
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