Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Wow! And a purple scarf update.


I won the art category for the Anti-Valentine contest over at dabbled. I am totally shocked. It's the first blog contest I've ever entered!

I've also been working on the purple scarf with that really neat thick and thin yarn. It's slowly getting longer. It's been living in my handbag, so I can knit a few rows here and there- at lunch, waiting in line- wherever. I'm not really in a hurry, this is going to be my spring scarf. I like the idea of a nice bright, fresh color in early Spring while it's still cold out- but clearly not winter anymore. So I still have at least a week before I'll really be dying to wear it.

It's knitting up really cool just in plain old garter stitch because of the yarn texture.

The last few times I've worked on this I've been thinking about making this a buttoned neck warmer instead of a scarf. I'm on the fence because I have 4 balls of this yarn. Which will either be just enough to make the scarf, or not quite- resulting in a frustratingly just shorter than desired scarf. And I really do have a lot of scarfs already...

I'm going to have to decide soon, it's just about long enough to be a neck warmer.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm a finalist in the Anti-Valentine contest (art/illustration category) over at dabbled. Go check out the amazing projects (I can't believe I'm a finalist- there are so many great things I saw in the submissions) I especially love the vacuum dirt card also a finalist!

Thanks to Dot (and the sponsors) for putting on this really fun contest.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Art vs. Craft

I've been thinking about this lately- what defines Art and what defines Craft? And why the difference? In the past I've often thought of a craft project as something "useful" a pair of mittens or a scarf to wear. Or something "decorative" a card or a wreath. 
Art was something...well...else.

As a kid I was always drawing and painting. I wanted to be an animator when I grew up. I was always the "artist" in the family. My grandmother was "crafty" she knit, she sewed, she did watercolor lampshades, made ornaments, and baked amazing wedding cakes- why was she a crafter and not an an artist?

When I did similar projects with her (or on my own) people said I was "crafting" not making art. Why the difference?

I went on to college (Art School) and I was an "artist"- painting, printing, sculpting, and photographing my way through the world. Then I discovered (and fell in love with) graphic design. Somehow in the eyes of fellow students I wasn't an "artist" anymore I was in "commercial art". No fellow students ever came right out and said design wasn't art (O.K. maybe a few) but everyone "knew it". Sure I was still in the art school but not really making art I was using a computer. (although photography, and Illustration counted as art- not sure why? I think they are commercial arts if design is.)

It was at this point I stopped being an "artist" probably as much in my eyes as everyone else's. It's been a few years shy of a decade since I graduated, but since then I've always been a designer not an artist. Now I suppose as far as a job goes I'm further from making things than ever. I'm a creative director- so I don't even design  anymore I just direct the look that other designers create. Maybe this is why I've felt such a strong need to craft more lately?

Everything I spend my time doing is "commercial"- not art or it's crafting. My family stopped using "artist" as an adjective to describe me, and substituted "crafty" or "creative". I don't mind these words at all (I'm not complaining), I just wonder why the divide between arts and crafts. 

I've done it too- stopped really thinking of myself as an artist, but as crafter. I don't want to sound like I think art is more important than crafts-I don't think that at all. I love being a crafter, and I know it takes artistic talent, creativity, and an interesting way of looking at the world to be an artist or a crafter. I just wonder what makes Art and what makes Craft and why I think of myself as one versus the other.

What do you think- Art vs. craft why the divide? 
Do you think of yourself as an artist or a crafter, or both?

I'm really curious about this- so if you feel like it please pass this on, I'd love to know what other people think.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day to remember.

Happy Birthday Nan.

Happy Birthday Molly.

We miss you both.
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